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Water Damage Testimonials

Mike and his team were fantastic. After having our roof leak and water damage, they repaired the roof and dried out our home. Very professional and friendly.

Had a water damage and this company came out to clean up. Impressed with their work ethic. Great job, team.

Water damage in my basement and the team at SERVPRO was able to get all the water out. Happy to have the work completed. Thank you again, SERVPRO crew!

After my damage, I was very happy with the services. I would highly suggest this team. 

Basement flooded. Thank you, SERVPRO for your hard work on removing it all. 

Had water in my basement and the wonderful crew of SERVPRO guys came out and extracted it and then removed all my damaged flooring and drywall. So thankful to have a team out and do all the work within just a few days. Great team and company. I'd use them again.

After having a water damage in my home, I was elated to find a company to come out and extract the water straight away. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Had a water damage a few weeks ago - my insurance agent suggested this company, SERVPRO. I was impressed with their knowledge & willingness to start so quickly. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing any sort of water or fire restoration work done. 

Water damage in my basement found and a great group of young men came out and extracted all of it within a few hours. Happy to have found such a unique company who was nice enough to help so fast. 

Great team at SERVPRO was so friendly and quick to have all of the water extracted from my entire basement. Their team of guys as well as the ladies in the office are fantastic with their communication. Thanks again, guys!

Found water in my basement from the awful storm and my insurance company suggested that we have SERVPRO come out. After making a quick call, I had someone from SERVPRO within the hour. I couldn't be any happier with how my water damage was handled. Thank you, guys! To the select few that came out, i'm sorry I forgot your name but you guys were the best!

Had water in my basement and the wonderful staff at SERVPRO had my home  back to normal within a few weeks.

SERVPRO of Kankakee County is fantastic! 

Of course after a bad storm my basement was flooded. Grateful to have SERVPRO recommended from my insurance company. From arrival to departure, the crew was courteous of my home as well as helpful to answer any questions I had throughout the process. Thank you again, guys! You're wonderful. 

Water damage in basement, thanks to SERVPRO for the quick extraction!

Sewage back up is no joke. I am forever grateful to have such a nice crew to come to my home within the hour of me calling to have it corrected. SERVPRO of Kankakee County is fantastic!

Basement flooded and this wonderful team of 3 gentlemen had the water all gone and smelling wonderful just 2 short days later. Recommend for any future work!

After an awful storm, my sump pump failed and I had multiple inches of standing water in my basement. Thankful for my insurance agent to have found a company to get the work done fast and effectively. 

Found water in my office and was given your guy's company information. Very fast and friendly staff to work with. Would definitely use this company again for a water damage. Thank you.

Thanks to the team at SERVPRO for taking care of my water loss.

Basement flooded, SERVPRO came to the rescue. Nice job, team.

Had a water loss due to my bathtub overflowing. Got the wonderful group from SERVPRO to rid of the mess. Proud to recommend this company!

Flooded basement was cleaned up from SERVPRO. So happy to have had my home cleaned up in just a few short days and with such wonderful friendly people. I would use this company again for any future water losses.

The wonderful crew at SERVPRO got my house back in order just in time for me to move in. Thank you again, guys and girls!

I've never dealt with a water damage loss before and the crew at SERVPRO of Kankakee really alleviated all of my concerns. So happy to have had my home serviced by this company. Recommended!

Great team at SERVPRO. Happy to have had an awesome group of guys get my house back in order from my water loss.

A foot of water found in basement and SERVPRO was quick to extract all of the water. Thankful to have a company to respond so fast to an emergency call after hours. Thanks, guys!

Water damage in by basement and SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood sure got my work completed in a jiffy. Thanks crew for your hard work!

After my sump pump failed, SERVPRO came out and took care of my mess. So thankful for a helpful group of guys to assess my needs. Thank you so much again!

SERVPRO of Kankakee County is superb - recommend them for any water damage big or small.

A water damage is devastating...so happy to have found a company that was compassionate and patient with all of my concerns. I highly suggest SERVPRO of Chicago Heights Crete Beecher for your water loss needs.

Extreme water loss and damage in my home. So happy to have found a reputable company to help me out! Thank you again, SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood!

These guys were great, couldn't have asked for better service.

SERVPRO crew was awesome! After my water damage throughout my home, I was impressed to say the least with this company. Nothing but positive things to say for this great team. 

SERVPRO team came out and removed all water from my basement. Very pleased with their knowledge and ability to answer any and all questions I had throughout the process. I would highly recommend this company!

Over a foot of water and this company was in and out within a day to get it out. Thank you for the quick water damage clean up!

I had a water damage a few weeks ago. The team at SERVPRO came out within the hour of contacting them. Great group and so thankful to have the work done in a timely fashion. Highly recommend this company for any of your future water or fire damage needs.

Happy to have my house back to normal after having multiple inches of water in my basement. Thanks, SERVPRO!

Found half a foot of water in my basement. SERVPRO team came out and had the water extracted and dried completely within just 3 short days. Company is upstanding with wonderful staff and customer service to boot. 

Impressive crew here with SERVPRO. Water damage in my kitchen from a burst pipe. Will use them again for sure.

3 floors of my home were damaged due to a pipe burst in my bathroom upstairs. After not having access to my entire home, I was suggested by my insurance agent to call this lovely team at SERVPRO. After just a short few days, I had my entire home dry. Thank you so much to the great group of guys to get the work done so quickly. I'd definitely suggest this franchise for future work. 

After having water flooding in my basement, I was at a loss of who to contact. After reaching out to my insurance agent, it was highly recommended to give your company a call. Very impressed with the work. I would gladly be a return customer. 

Had a water damage because of my sump pump failing. Amazing job from the crew of guys. Great job!

With having a sewer back up, those are the calls that are immediate. This SERVPRO franchise was almost immediate with their time of arrival at my home to clean up the mess. Thankful for the courteous crew of gentlemen that came out and had the job done within just a few short hours. I'll definitely call you guys again. 

Quick 2 day job cleaning up my water damage in my condo. Thank you to the guys at SERVPRO for helping me out!

Fantastic work and even better crew here at the Kankakee SERVPRO. A lot of hard work, patience, and customer service with this company. Would highly suggest this franchise if you ever run into a water and/or fire disaster, I promise you will not be disappointed with their wonderful crew to make sure everything is done quickly and correctly. Big kudos to you all!

Needed a pump for my flooded basement and this team was so quick with the delivery and pick up of the equipment. Very happy with just the little job they did for me. 

Water in the crawlspace was corrected when I called this fantastic SERVPRO team. Great customer service from beginning to end. 

Thanks again, SERVPRO for extracting all the water from my garage. Your team was very courteous and helpful answering all of my questions. If another problem ever occurs, I'm definitely a repeat customer.  

After a water loss due to a burst pipe in my kitchen, I had a fantastic team from SERVPRO come out and alleviate all of my stress. Luckily I had my home back to normal in less than a week! Thank you to the awesome crew to make that happen. 

Great work on the entirety of my basement. All water was extracted within a few short days. So happy to have my home back to its' original state. 

After having my water heater break in the middle of the night only to find inches of water in my entire basement, I frantically called my insurance and had SERVPRO out within an hour of calling my agent. So glad to have had a great company help.

Water flood in my basement and this crew was able to remove all water as well as anything affected from the flood. Happy with the results!

Sump pump failure caused my crawlspace to flood. After calling your crew out, the water was extracted in no time, along with anything that was damaged in the process. Thank you to SERVPRO of Kankakee County, great job, guys!

After finding that my father's home had had a water damage due to his bathroom faucet was leaking, my insurance agent highly recommended this location. I was impressed with the amount of communication and customer service all of the gentlemen showed and gave whilst I was not at my father's home for the entirety of the work performed. Once arriving after your crew left, it was like the slogan, "Like it never even happened." Impressed is an understatement. Upstanding crew!

Having the knowledge of water mitigation restoration myself, I called these guys and just needed a few pieces of their equipment to do the work myself. They brought me the equipment within the hour I contacted them and was given a flat rate price within the first question of asking the office ladies. Prompt service even when doing it myself. Thanks again, SERVPRO Kankakee County.

From the guys showing up to handling the billing, I had all of my questions and concerns answered in a timely fashion. Never once had to question what was going on whether I was home or not for the folks to complete the work. I'd use this team again. Superb. 

Finding a water damage in my home I was recommended to call the crew at SERVPRO. Great group of young men handling my home and in an orderly fashion. 

Thank you SERVPRO for your help with my water damage!

Thank you to the SERVPRO team for extracting all of the water from my home.

After seeing our insulation being wet, damaged, and hanging out of our garage, SERVPRO was quick to confirm they would handle the work. After just a few short days, they had our entire garage back to normal. Thanks!!

The SERVPRO team did an excellent job at our facility. Thanks again, guys!

The girls and guys at SERVPRO were fantastic handling my water damage. Impressed! I'll definitely be a repeat customer if necessary. 

Having a water damage throughout my entire home was beyond devastating. After calling SERVPRO they reassured me that they would take care of everything that was involved in my water loss, and boy they were not wrong! From day one until the last day they were in my home, they took care of all my questions and concerns as well as handling my insurance claim. With having little free time, SERVPRO truly put my mind at ease. I am impressed! Great job, guys! 

Coming home to a flood in my family room, I immediately called SERVPRO to rectify my water loss and they exceeded all of my expectations. I would highly recommend this location to any one needing water restoration. 

One of my many properties had a water loss and SERVPRO Kankakee County's promptness with all services were fantastic. From beginning to end, I was thoroughly impressed with their work. As they say, "As if it never happened." 

I was thoroughly impressed with my local SERVPRO of Kankakee County. Their customer service, professionalism, and promptness on my water damage allowed me to continue work throughout the entire process of SERVPRO's team at my home without me needing to be present. I highly suggest this location again for any emergency services needed.

SERVPRO performed dried out my house following a water damage. They did a great job drying out my basement.

"I would use SERVPRO to do future losses." This review was following a severe water damage and mold project in Clifton IL. Our crews packed up personal property, set containment and dried out the basement. 

Extremely satisfied with the job performed. Wouldn't hesitate to use SERVPRO again

Your staff responded quickly and saved our flooded basement from further water damaged basement. Thank You

Your team at SERVPRO was very professional. Mike did a fantastic job with the carpet cleaning. You can't even tell we had a water damage. Thanks Again

I'm very satisfied with the service provided by SERVPRO following a water damage in my crawlspace that resulted in mold damage

The crew did a great job cleaning up our water damage.

SERVPRO responded immediately and our basement is drying out great........... Thank you for your emergency services last evening

It is very rare-to receive outstanding service, but SERVPRO of Kankakee and Matteson-Homewood delivers uncompromised service.-Bobby Nichols of SERVPRO-came highly recommended and after this-I could do the same.-His crew was phenomenal.-The workers never ceased to listen and help-As the work continued, we were amazed at the work ethic -As demolition concluded -Bobby Nichols’s true empathy shone.-efficiency and skill can be counted on when you employ Bobby Nichols. He & his company are our heroes.

Great Company!